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EASA 2017 FREDERICIA Hospitality

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Nice video of the EASA‘s 2017 architectural workshop in Fredericia, Denmark. Video by Aleksandra Kononchenko.

Filmed by Aleksandra Kononchenko
Videos from drone by Simon Sais
Music alt-J – In Cold Blood
The European Architecture Students Assembly started as an annual event created by students and tutors of the Liverpool University in 1981 as a means of bringing talented students together to address issues facing the profession and our built and unbuilt environment. Since its conception, every summer, around 500 of the brightest students from every part of Europe came together to exchange ideas, cultures and experiences. Two intensive weeks of workshops, lectures, exhibitions and events facilitate this exchange. Today, EASA has become a vast international network of students, with no central board of any kind. Each year the event is organised by a group of students from the host country. EASA is born anew each year with each successive group presenting a unique location for the assembly to be held. Though participants pay a fee for attending, this fee is heavily subsidised by the host country, participants from countries with weaker economies receive a larger subsidy, up to 80%, in this way EASA can remain accessible to students from all economic backgrounds.

EASA Denmark:

In 2017, EASA Denmark has been given the great opportunity to host the annual European Architecture Students Assembly in Fredericia. Our vision for the event is to engage the EASA community in an architectural discussion of the theme: Hospitality – Finding the Framework. The theme will be explored through workshops and lectures.
We envision EASA 2017 to be a catalyst of a change, a testbed for architectural innovations and discoveries, which can start the process of implementing problem-driven solutions in the urban environment of Fredericia.
This will be achieved by the international architecture students, who will take part in the event and contribute to the workshops in cooperation with local community. EASA 2017 intends to address different groups of Fredericia’s citizens, current and future, as well the visitors from other parts of Denmark and abroad.

Fredericia is located in the southeastern part of the Jutland peninsula in a sub-region known locally as Trekanten, or The Triangle. Fredericia is located near the country’s main motorway intersection, which connects both the east-west and the north-south directions. Therefore, the city could be acclaimed as being centrally located and even described as ‘the big intersection of Denmark’. The distinctive feature of Fredericia’s city center is clearly defined physical boundary – the historic ramparts.  The ramparts have confined the center to a small area of 1 x 1 km (100 ha), which is divided into a well-preserved original grid structure. In a Northern Europe context, it is unique.

Fredericia has its particular history, culture and identity, which takes as its starting point some historical elements:

  • diversity, which can be traced to the city’s founding in 1650, where people with different backgrounds were invited to settle in the city;

  • military history, which is based on different battles which took place here;

  • intensive industrialization in XX century. Fredericia has in fact been hosted industrial companies longer than many other Danish cities.

The theme is an important part of the event, it works as a frame and defines the direction for the participants, on its basis they think, research and create. The theme “Hospitality. Finding the framework” resonates with the history of Fredericia and the challenges the city now faces, as well as it relates to the current political situation in Europe and the world.

The theme is divided into two practical sub-themes, linked to research on hospitality and to endeavors of finding a framework for it. These follow the classical division of EASA workshops into theoretical, practical and workshops, which combine the two parts of the theme.

Today world faces a crisis of hospitality. We see that hospitality is commercialized, which implies that all newcomers or people with different demands need to pay for help or be outcasted. To respond this, we need to understand and implement in the current social framework universal and enforceable concepts of hospitality. We believe that only through an ongoing process of formal and informal interactions within and between individual communities and different cultures, new humanity will emerge.

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