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Lucien Moreau – Over The Wall ft. Alice Lobo [official music video]

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Music video ‘Over The Wall’  composed and performed by Lucien Moreau. Video shot at Brion Cemetery by renowned italy architect Carlo Scarpa.

‘Over The Wall’ is taken from the electronic music album ‘XO’, composed and performed by Lucien Moreau.

The music video, produced by ESMA Creative Studio for ‘Over The Wall’, tells about a journey. A girl, a monk, a human being with superior consciousness. All these in one. A Wanderer, living inside a concrete maze, on a cold faraway land. An hermit, living in a cage of pure spirituality. Searching for freedom. Searching for a way through the wall. A wall, parting her from the rest, parting one humanity from another. A sacred wall of meditation. Or just a simple act of meditation, to wade through the concrete and be free. A metaphor of all the walls we humans are building – inside and outside – to make divisions, to part us from the inevitable truth we don’t want to accept: we are one. And we should deal with that. No divisions. No differences. No borders. Just one humanity.

Music and lyrics, as well as visuals and art, are entitled to talk (or scream) about the crucial themes of our time. Otherwise, what’s the meaning of all art?

In the music video, bees are the carrier of the ancient energy, called back by the magic of the Wanderer. Bees are nally able to open a portal, a way through, an eye of light amid the bursting energy.
On the other side, a wide population of unknown creatures are waiting in the magic forest. Creatures we need to understand and join. The monster is always inside, not outside. The monster is our misperception, our mislead judgment, our religious superstructures. The Wanderer perceives her own inner ego throughout the song. Different identities, many souls: ID, EGO, SUPEREGO. Layers. Rooms of the Mind Palace. To the last one. The opening and the beginning of a new path.

The video was entirely shot and set at the beautiful Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Cemetery, where the famous modernist architect also rests. We strongly wanted to enhance the otherwordly style of his sacred building by decontextualizing it from its original function. We wanted to enhance the futuristic, yet organic, identity of the monument, by considering it not just as a set, but as a real character of the video. Architecture often shapes its inhabitants. Hence, make-up and costume of the Wanderer were designed by the artist Tobias Tran to re ect details and geometries of Carlo Scarpa’s architecture. Water streams over concrete walls. Lotus owers over sharp but golden corners. Gentleness and hardness mixed up in a perfect balance, on the edge between life and death. While developing the cinematography we immediately pointed at using cold shades and lights. We imagined the life of the Wanderer as a research of truth, far from the mundane perils of emotions. Bees bring the warm shades into the video, at the end of it, as a symbol of essence and humanity.

Video Credits

Produced by ESMA Creative Studio.
Written, directed and edited by Lucien Moreau.
Starring Alice Lobo.
Cinematography and photography by Eugenio Squarcia.
Postproduction and effects by ESMA Creative Studio.
Make-up design and costumes by Tobias Tran.
Additional sound effects by Federico Viola.
Mastering by Animal House Studio.
Taken from the album ‘XO’ out on digital release and limited edition CD at

XO – Moreau (2016) – About the album:
Electronic / progressive / ambient / conceptual / independent / cinematic.

XO. Two letters. Two graphic signs. Two directions. Over and under. Top and bottom. Front and back. Right and wrong. Black and white. Good and evil. Dichotomy. Dualism. But also opposite ends embracing. The ‘empty’ needs the ‘full’ in order to exist. The ‘full’ needs the ‘empty’ to nd its meaning. The secret of the vase is in the handles. The secret of everything is in nothing. Or so, at least, the Zen teachings suggest. The devil is in the details. God is in the details. What is told here is a journey. Horizontal and vertical.

The horizontal one tells about the architectural brutalism and functionalism of a devouring society, which makes its citizens slave of a relentless pace, hanging from the mirage of a dystopian utopia or the satisfaction of their needs. Here lurk the ghosts of Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Buckminster Fuller, Tado Ando, Eero Saarinen, Carlo Scarpa.

The vertical one tells about Lucifer’s spiritual journey, as described by John Milton in “Paradise Lost”. A journey without time or space, in search of the lost star, the light that once inhabited the primary architect of human invention, the father of all rebellion. While the darkness look for the heavenly glow to feel full, the star looks for the darkness to enlighten them.

The constant is the ethics of reinforced concrete, the primordial question that went through the most ancient civilizations, as well as the modern ones. The dream of the hands is to be the head. The dream of the head is to be hands.

The orchestral opening nds its encore in the closure: a concerto for violin and orchestra in two movements. In between, Alice Lobo gives voice to the dystopian prayer of ‘Over The Wall’, a search for identity and uni cation. Electronic instruments, classical instruments, noises and sounds mix up together in order to tell sixteen visions. Music visions, yet very cinematic. Transcendental. Such as the meditation of the track titled ‘Transcend’, raped yet tested by a swarm of ies, intervening on the forced resonance of the environment in which the song plays. Hence, the famous haiku by Kobayashi Issa: “Where man is / there are ies / and the Buddha”.

The conceptual album consists of two chapters: the rst, entitled ‘XO’, currently available in digital edition and on limited edition CD; the second, entitled ‘OX’, forthcoming, as a bonus accompaniment to the rst album, which will be available only for free in digital edition.

Music composed and performed by Moreau.
Elctronics / Moog / Korg / Synths / Softwares / Piano / Strings – Lucien Moreau Voice and lyrics on ‘Over The Wall’ – Alice Lobo
Mix and effects on ‘Over The Wall’ – Federico Viola – Animal House Studio Concept and graphic artwork – Lucien Moreau – ESMA Creative Studio Make-up design and costumes – Tobias Tran

Album out on digital release and limited edition CD at

Lucien Moreau:

Conceptual artist. Designer. Musician. Visual. Dreamer. As part of the ESMA Creative Studio collective, I work as a graphic designer and creative director for brands, products, companies and cultural projects. I produced the concept of some major events in Krakòw, Montréal, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok, where I also performed live. Composer and musician active in the eld of the so called ‘Transcendentalism’, I play piano and keyboards, mixing up different kind of music such as electronic, minimal ambient, modern classical, industrial, always in a strong cinematic way. I also co-work, live and in-studio, with national and international artists of any poetic nature, as well as soundtrack composer with producers and directors of the lm and game industry. I am currently part of a progressive / electronic band named MOLOCH, along with the great singer, vocalist and fellow artist Gianni Jonathan Venturi.

• Bronze Medal at the 67th edition of the UNICA international competition of Blankenberge for the sci- short and compelling movie ‘00156’, starring Silvia Pasello.

• Special Jury Prize at the Third Edition of the International Competition of Non Professional Moviemaking of Tallinn for the sci- short movie ‘00156’, starring Silvia Pasello.

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